5 comments on “Ch. 20 Discussion

  1. In regards to Taylor’s quote “There is hardly in the world a waste so barren but some creature will not cry out at night, yet here one was and they listened to their breathing in the dark and the cold and they listened to the systole of the ruby neared hearts that hung within them,” I thought that the “here one was” didn’t refer to a creature but instead a barren waste. I’ve read somewhere once that people call out in the dark or start talking to themselves in an empty room for fear of being alone, pretending that there’s other people out there, listening. (Actually, maybe I just remember it from watching Doctor Who) Yet the kid, Tobin, and Toadvine were all completely silent. This may refer to their hardiness, how they’ve gotten used to being on their own. Or it might suggest that they have been completely abandoned, by God and the world, and that it’s useless to call out anymore.

  2. I agree with Mandy. I definitely think that they feel as if God has abandoned them. Personally, I would feel the same way just because they have had such a hard life and they have never even been truly loved by anybody. The only thing that is helping them trudge along without a God is the hope of escaping the judge and staying alive. God has nothing to do with their view anymore ( I am not sure if it ever really did, maybe the idea of a God). Toadvine, Tobin, and the kid are alive just because of themselves, that is how they see it. They will continue to be this way until the Wild West is just the West.

  3. I think that it is interesting how now the Judge is now seen as an enemy rather than a leader now. Now that most of the gang is gone, the main characters start to realize what monstrosities they were becoming and didn’t want to become. Now to my understanding everyone knows that there is something inherently wrong with the Judge and he is to just any normal human being and that they should have killed him when they had the chance.

  4. They definitely feared him. Well most of them did. I mean, anybody would hate the cruel crazy man, but I would hate it if everyone hated me too! So it’s an endless cycle of selfpity, fear, and revenge, in my opinion.

  5. As for God, he probably played a subconscious role in them all. Personally, I’ve always felt that humans have a God like presence constantly, no matter who they are. It’s the morality God makes you feel that you choose to act on.. or not. The gang doesn’t know that that superior power is there and maybe it isn’t, but either way, they know their actions prove their destiny.

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