3 comments on “Ch. 18 Discussion

  1. “such encounters being commoner than men suppose.”
    What a sad realistic thing to mention! The idiot is drowning and the judge is passing by as if it is an everyday affair. But it gets even weirder when the judge plunges into the water to save the idiot. Nobody else is watching, so why save him?
    This may be because the judge has random acts of kindness, but that does not mean that they mean anything to him. They are maybe a bit primal? Or maybe a certain reflex? That is my best guess. This is because i know he is not a nice person

  2. I think he just doesn’t want the idiot to die by drowning. He wants to know more about him first and see him die in a much more awful way.

  3. Nobody really seems to mean anything to the Judge, so his actions of saving the idiot must have been for selfish purposes.

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