3 comments on “Ch. 16 Discussion

  1. The judge emerged from the darkness. Evening, Lieutenant, he said. Are these men the witnesses?
    Couts looked at his corporal. No, he said. They aint witnesses. Hell, Captain. You all were seen to enter the premises and seen to leave after the shot was fired. Are you going to deny that you and your men took your dinner there?

    Why is he lying in front a huge audience that know very well that him and his crew were in there having dinner.
    I honestly think that the judge is attempting to show his power and authority that he can have over complete strangers. The judge is literally having the ability to shush everyone even though he is the only one benefiting. This takes true manipulation from as we had mentioned earlier, a crazy person who thinks he is omniscient or an all knowing spirit animal who walks among the earth.

    • I agree. The judge’s faux diplomacy with the Apaches and the likelihood of him committing the abduction of the village girl in this chapter also really adds to his creepy/manipulative qualities.

  2. I think the Judge enjoys being manipulative and controlling. I don’t know if he really ever has a true intent.

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