5 comments on “Ch. 7 Discussion

  1. Mr. B asked why does McCarthy have the Judge smile so much? Agreeing with Lucy P, I think the Judge smiles because he feels all knowing. It seems that he is always in control and he likes that feeling. He has quite a bit of power over the situations he is in. It is a sinister smile. The Judge also smiles at the kid on several occasions. This could be inferred to mean that the Judge sees potential in the kid. Perhaps the kid would make a powerful ally or apprentice.

  2. Mr. B was right to mention Donald Trump in relation to the quote “Words are things. The words he is possession of he cannot be deprived of. Their authority transcends his ignorance of their meaning.” People used to say that racism was gone in America and that Trump’s words would have no weight in our society, but after months of campaigning, he’s actually gained supporters. What we all thought of as a joke has become something more substantial; Trump’s remarks resonated with more people than anyone could have imagined and no matter how ignorant he may be, his words brought people together and out of hiding.

  3. There is a quote on page 101 that says, “the judge like a great ponderous djinn stepped through..” A djinn is a genie, which is thought of as someone magical and enticing. Lucy mentioned that a djinn is from the earth (Venus Djinn), which seems relevant with the author’s reference to the mud and the earth and other natural aspects. And of them all, the judge seems to be all knowing and smiling so much because he is omniscient and aware. I believe awareness may stem from the simple natural aspect of humanity. Like when meditating or doing yoga, which involve healing the mind and body and becoming more centered, making one more aware.

  4. “Blanton leveled the huge pistol in one hand and thumbed back the hammer. The explosion in that dead silence was enormous. That cat simply disappeared” (86).

    This scene in chapter seven illustrates the meaninglessness of violence as he doesn’t just kill a cat, but also kills a bird and goat. This senseless killing is dehumanizing as it puts the meaningless murders of humans at the same level as the random killings of animals.

    • I think it’s interesting how he doesn’t directly say he killed the cat. They way it’s written, it sounds like the judge is able obliterate the cat completely from existence, demonstrating his immense power.

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