4 comments on “Ch.6 Discussion

  1. Death has become such a common occurrences in the book that it is no longer something valued. As the Granny rat elaborates in chapter 6 that death has just become another part of the day no longer sacred in any way because they kill now with no effort. No one cares anymore about the dead or even honoring their death, it is a world of anarchy.

  2. I agree with Magi. A prisoner tells the story of a group of Mexicans who slaughtered Indians at a funeral, which I think places no respect upon death. The Indians were honoring one of their own who died, and the Mexicans killed them knowing that they were honoring someone’s life. To me, this shows that at the time, honor and respect were pushed to the side and hatred was everyone’s main focus.

  3. The group is described as “a pack of vicious looking humans mounted on unshod Indian ponies riding half drunk…” (McCarthy 82). This description really depicts the gang’s carelessness. They don’t care about how they look or better yet that they’ve destroyed so many lives. The drunkiness adds on to their hopeless lack of thought in what they do.

  4. This chapter I think emphasizes the wildness of the West at this point in time. Lawless and careless do they ride, doing whatever their human hearts desire. I think it just goes to show the cruelty of man with no threat of punishment or backlash.

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