3 comments on “Ch. 2 discussion

  1. In chapter 2 we discussed the religious connotations. The kid meets “the hermit” who seems to be escaping and secluding himself for religious reasons. The kid has previously encountered other religious situations, like the church people gathered in the tent, even though he is only there to get out of the rain. Then the kid meets the hermit, who says that “the world is hard. God made this world, but he didn’t make it to suit everyone did he?” and the kid responds, “I don’t believe he much had me in mind.” These are examples of the kids exposure to religion, for which he rejects. They aren’t so much positive examples either, which I believe represent the kids lack of direction. He has so much anger built up inside him that he rejects all this God nonsense. And if it were to all be truthful, then it’s not for him.

  2. I thought it was interesting that within two pages McCarthy went from a bar scene of the boy trying to get a job to a mass death with descriptions of decapitations. When the bar manager told the kid that they did not need anyone to work and that all the works were laughing at him about the request.
    With the mass death, it is very descriptive, talking about all the blood which can show a movement of the kids mindless violence. He is acting on emotions for and is overreacting. These deaths seem to have no significant meaning and is just the kid releasing his emotions.

    • I agree with Megan that the death’s aren’t significant because the kid is just releasing his emotions and that is very sad to me because this kid has seen so much death already in his life to the point where that’s all he knows. It is simply a reaction because he doesn’t know how else to deal with emotions, especially anger.

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